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Dear Fluffystuff,

Oh Fluffystuff, I apologize that I have neglected writing you thus far in this new year of twenty-twenty! I’m not without excuse, though: my brothers and I have been recuperating from what was indeed a tremendously wild New Year’s Eve party. Whatever it is that transpires in Las Vegas does not even approach the orbit of December 31st on Pottytock Drive. Don’t worry; since then we’ve been hard at work sleeping, napping, absorbing sunbeams, eating nine meals a day, licking our paws, and in general, successfully attending to the business of kitty health and leisure.

Our first order of adventure in the new year was to treat ourselves to some entertainment. This morning, we gathered all of the kitties who live on Pottytock Drive and boarded Sneakers’ School Bus. We picked up Cocobean and her date, The Raccoon, and then we drove to the Longfurries’ house to pick up Mei Mei, Mr. Too O’Tall, Ty, and Princess. (By the way, I have altered my opinion of The Raccoon slightly. It turns out that he, like me, is a connoisseur of fine dining and has even persuaded his humans to feed him avocado.)

Once we’d gathered all the kitties into Sneakers’ School Bus, we drove to the theater and watched what must be the greatest movie ever made: CATS! Fluffystuff, I think I have found a new hero: his name is Mr. Mistoffelees, and he is a magical cat. Do you think I could perhaps learn to be a magical cat? I think it might help with some of my business ventures. Regardless, you really must go see CATS! I cannot tell you how much we all enjoyed it.

Please do write soon, Fluffystuff, and be sure to let me know what you’ve been eating and nibbling lately!



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