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Christmas Concert

Dear Fluffystuff,

We are just about to begin opening our Christmas presents, but I wanted to send you a quick note and a picture from our recent Christmas Concert at Cat Church. As you might expect, I put on a splendid performance! Did you know that in addition to my innumerable talents in the arts, in business, and in life itself, I am also an acclaimed concert pianist?

Sneakers and a few of his brothers joined the choir this year, which is curious because I do not think any of them read, sing, or even know what hymns are. Cocobean is our soloist, and she does put on a show! Scampers has ignited much fury among our stodgier choir members (in particular, Braesnut) because he insists on waving his arms around like a wild kitty. But overall, and with only mild reservation, I do think that our performance was a wild success and enjoyed by all.

Merry Christmas, Fluffystuff, and I look forward to our continued friendship and correspondence in the new year!



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