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Dear Fluffystuff,

How is your garden progressing? We are all sunbeams and flowers here. Every spring our Morons remember they have a yard and fancy themselves passionate gardeners, resulting in many trips to the nursery. I disregard all this silliness as long as the gardening budget doesn't creep into the Fancy Feast budget, but last week I discovered something that caused me great alarm. I was eavesdropping while sunbathing in the kitchen, and I overheard the Morons discussing all the new plants they'd purchased for the caterpillars. Caterpillars? Yes, caterpillars!

Apparently the Morons have made a new hobby of buying plants that caterpillars like to eat (why would anyone do this?) and I must say, this offends me immensely. I have hinted many times that I would like a shrimp plant for me to nibble, a request they have ignored. And as I am a Cat of Action, I decided to remedy this offence immediately.

Not wasting a moment, my brothers and I piled into Sneakers' school bus and headed to our favorite nursery, Enchanted Kittycats. At Enchanted Kittycats, they sell the only plant that really matters: cat mint. We spent at least $500 on pots of cat mint and its cousin, kittynip. We also had fun attempting lizard purrder, rolling around in the dirt, hissing at new kitty friends, sitting on plants, and in general causing chaos. What fun!



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