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Dear Fluffystuff,

One, two, seven, ninety-six: my mind is swirling in a whilrpool of numbers! You see, we have been tending to important business this week: my brothers and I have spent Monday through Friday, 8-5, at our warehouse counting all of our treasures. This is the closest we have ever ventured towards employment, and I must say, the schedule is not for me!

We stockpile a great many treasures at our warehouse: cases of Fancy Feast, Fancy Feast we've stolen from Mr. Too O'Tall (see Scampers sitting next to his bag of loot?) and a few cans of Fancy Feast that we pretended not to like but secretly saved for later. I also choose to keep my collection of antique doll heads and vintage lampshades at our warehouse, even though my brothers grumble about it. Sneakers seems to be frightened of the doll heads: is he insane? They are precious! Of course I dressed for the occasion in a nice-fitting pair of numeral shorts, although every time I looked at them I lost my place counting.

You might wonder why we sacrifice our nap schedules to spend a week counting treasure. Some kitties count treasures so that they may report their tallies and pay taxes (how dreadfully silly!) but we do inventory simply because we enjoy gloating. Oh and guess what we found mixed in with the cases of Fancy Feast: my secret Missing box! Several years ago I made a real effort to steal little things from the humans' kitchen when they weren't looking - teaspoons, a little knife, the sink drain - little things like that - and I had hidden them away in Missing. What a fun game!



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