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The Schlotzskitty

Dear Fluffystuff,

Have I ever mentioned that one of the ways I make some extra money is through the occasional modeling gig? I frequently mail my head shots to Fancy Feast, and I'm positive they will want to put me on a can soon. They haven't contacted me quite yet, but I know it's because they're dying for me to send even more portraits. They are just teasing me! I'm sure they've wallpapered their offices with my adorable face (I've sent them enough pictures by now to create hundreds of rolls of wallpaper, that's certain.) Surely they can't resist much longer!

Well, somehow the idea of being a cat model plopped into Sneakers' tiny brain (he is always copying me!) and he asked for my help working on a portfolio. Knowing him as I do, I suggested he contact Schlotzskitty's. Several times a week Sneakers wanders over to Schlotzskitty's with his brothers and eats three or four sandwiches for lunch; also, he resembles one of their buns. And in what can only be attributed to my genius as a modeling agent, Schlotzskitty's immediately expressed an interest in making Sneakers their new spokeskitty!

I was a tad disappointed that Sneakers landed a major modeling job before me, but I reminded myself that his good fortune is merely a result of my intuition and genius. Also, I hear that Schlotzskitty's sells dessert treats called Cinnameows, and that they are tiny, adorable, and covered in white icing. Sounds like just the job for me, don't you think?



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